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July 10, 2014

Duncan Senior Citizens Center celebrates 58 years of memories

DUNCAN — A local couple met at the Duncan Senior Citizens Center and eventually got married following the deaths of their respective spouses.

The center celebrated 58 years of such memories, as well as the Fourth of July, during a luncheon on Wednesday.

Ruth Carey said she and Bob Cary wed in 2010 after a year-and-a-half long courtship, enjoying meals and events at the center together.

Ruth said it was nice to have someone to eat with again after her late husband died in 2003, which was around the time she started attending events at the center. Bob lost his own wife in 2008.

“It’s a good thing for anybody,” Ruth said of the socialization fostered by the center. “I came to lunch at the center and he came through the door. Our families went to church together.”

Ruth said she came to Duncan as a child in the ‘40s, while Bob was born in Duncan.

“I enjoy visiting the people I know,” Bob said.

Ruth said she and Bob attend the luncheon events and weekly bingo events at the center, and often eat at the Delta Nutrition Program in the same building.

Duncan Senior Citizens Center Director Luana Shufeldt said the center celebrates their birthday and America’s birthday at the same time because the center was incorporated in June, but began work in early July.

Shufeldt said the center used to host monthly luncheons, but only host luncheons to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Fourth of July now.

Between 50-75 people normally attend the celebratory meals, but 25 attended this year’s Fourth of July meal, she said.

“We don’t have good attendance in the summer, because people are out visiting family,” Shufeldt said.

She’s been director for about 15 of the center’s 58 years, and said she’s seen the number of attendees served by the center drop because most modern-day seniors are still working.


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