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June 24, 2014

Pat Boone endorses Duncan native Hooten for State Senate

DUNCAN — David B. Hooten may trade in his trumpet for a Senate seat today.

The two pursuits -- being a musician and running for public office -- aren’t all that different,  in his view.

“They are both about salesmanship. They both are about putting yourself out there and in the best light,” he said.

  Hooten brings a celebrity endorsement in his bid for the Oklahoma State Senate in District 40 in Oklahoma City.

   Pat Boone, a bonafide superstar in his day, cut a radio endorsement commercial for Hooten that is being broadcast on Oklahoma City stations.

The two had worked together on an album for months, and when Hooten decided to run for senator he asked Boone for his recommendation.

“I felt so honored and humbled,” said Hooten. “He has endorsed such people as Ronald Regan for his presidency. Boone is such an icon of what was right and what was good in the world.”

While the experience has been challenging, Hooten said he would not change his choice to run for office.

“The experience has been so wonderful so far,” said Hooten. “I have never worked so hard in my life. I have been going door-to-door non-stop and working 18 hour days. It has been wonderful getting to meet so many people.”

Hooten is seeking the Republican nomination for the senate seat. He has five opponents. Only candidate filed for office in the Democratic primary.

There is no incumbent in the race because Cliff Brannan, who now is running for the Corporation Commission, had to give up the office because of  terms limits.

Though he has not lived in Duncan for years, Hooten has fond memories of his hometown.

“Duncan has the best people,” he said. “Its city has the finest, most authentic people and still does. I love their honesty. When they’re your friend, they’re your friend for life.”

The married father of three children said he decided to run for sentator to give Oklahomans a leader who does what is right in the world and what is best for the country.

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