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May 13, 2014

What we want in a partner changes over time

DUNCAN — Since allergy and sinus season makes it even more difficult to remember anything for longer than 52 seconds, jotting thoughts on sticky notes is a requirement:

According to a survey of 1,400 single people over the age of 50, a majority of women in the age group (the demographic, as we pollster-types like to say) chose sex and romance as the No. 1 characteristic they seek in a partner.

Among men over 50, the No. 1 attraction is common interest. And if that doesn’t surprise you, the No. 2 trait single m en over 50 want in a woman is attractiveness, with intelligence ranked No. 3. Sex and romance is fourth on the guys’ list.

Talk about your ironic quirks of biological clocks — about the time men finally grow up and start thing about something other than youknowwhat, women flip-flop priorities and start getting frisky.

This does, however, explain two phenomena among Baby Boomers: 1. Why there are so many middle-aged women hanging boy toys on their arm; and, 2. The spike among Boomer men in purchases of erectile dysfunction drugs.

 There was some umbrage taken when Cat Stevens was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Seems some folks felt Stevens — who converted to Islam in 1977 and is known now as Yosuf Islam — was unworthy because of comments he reportedly made about the Muslim vendetta against Salman Rushdie.

Well, Stevens’ comments about Rushdie were long ago proven to be taken out of context. Plus, gang, it’s the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame we’re talking about.

Many members of the rock hall are talented, exemplary human beings. But the hall is also populated by talented artists who are alcoholics, drug addicts, spouse abusers, far right survivalists, far left revolutionaries, anarchists, atheists and arrogant, self-absorbed twits.

Cat Stevens, who wrote and sang contemplative tunes like Peace Train, Moonshadow, Wild World, Oh Very Young , Father and Son and Maybe There’s a World, doesn’t belong among the latter group of inductees.

 How can you dis Cat Stevens when the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2014 induction class included those paragons of virture Kiss and Nirvana.

 Is it possible NBA fans will one day dub Derrick Rose the “Best Player We Hardly Ever Saw?” In the last three seasons, the All-NBA guard has played in a total of 49 games.

 It is impossible to lick your elbow. Try it.

 Memo to newly-wedded males: As soon as possible, eliminate the phrase, “What are you mad at me about?” from your vocabulary. Either you don’t want to know or you’re in big trouble for not knowing.

 It’s a rather dubious status when your state is ranked second nationally in prevalence of mental illness amongst its population. A national study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration says that’s the case in Oklahoma, where more than 600,000 people have some degree of mental illness.

 Honey is the only food that doesn’t spoil.

 Historian Shelby Foote on the fundamental cause of the Civil War: “It was because we failed to do the thing we really have a genius for, which is compromise. Americans like to think of themselves as uncompromising. Our true genius is for compromise. Our whole government’s founded on it. And, it failed.”

 There are more collect calls made on Father’s Day than any other day of the year.

 French proverb: “A father is a banker provided by nature.”

 During the recent NCAA Div. I men’s basketball tourney, how many times did announcers say a team had gone five or seven or 10 minutes without making a field goal? I thought new rules adopted before the 2013-14 season were meant to create more scoring.

 “Nobody says, ‘Can I have your beets?’” Bill Cosby, who recently played at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, made that observation.

 How come you buy a TV “set” and there’s only one TV?

 Blind faith in bad leadership is not patriotism.

 “I do not envy people who think they have a complete explanation of the world, for the simple reason that they are obviously wrong.” Salman Rushdie said it., Ext. 128

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