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May 13, 2014

And you, too, can buy Duncan merchandise

DUNCAN — It would be tempting to wonder if an auction of surplus stuff owned by the city is linked to Duncan’s declining cash flow, but that would be inaccurate, I have been assured.

There’s no way the auction will raise the kind of money the city needs, say those in the know.

Duncan has been hoarding this stuff for years and years, but the city really doesn’t have a “hoarding problem” in the reality TV sense.

By law, the city can’t give its old stuff away. Local governments therefore have to find some place to store it or try to sell it. Hence, the city auction that takes place on Saturday at 7th & MLK.

Among the items on the block is an old fire truck that says Marlow in faded letters, City Manager Jim Frieda said the other day. Duncan leased the truck for a time to its neighbor down the road, Marlow put its name on the side but finally there came a time when Marlow no longer wanted it, so back came the old fire truck.

It can be yours now. Your neighbors will be thrilled.

The police is contributing 69 bicycles and one Razor Scooter. I imagine there’s a police report somewhere, maybe, that explains how each one came into the city’s possession, but I have neither the time nor inclination to find out.

The city cemetery is sending over some stuff it doesn’t need, including a “Rhino Triple Gang Mower,” which clearly would make lawn mowing more fun that it typically is.

Six motorcycles will be waiting for a new home, too, including a 2003 Honda 50.

What else ... oh! Look, here’s three “ProGard security cages/partitions” which I suppose are those things you see in squad cars. These could be useful on family vacation road trips.

The boys down in public works are getting rid of a 1968 Jeep Wagoneer Ambulance with no brakes, a “worn out” Ford 3000 tractor and a  1999 Chevy Malibu with “several mechanical issues.”

The library is selling four Dell computers, an HP Deskjet printer and an Impression Monitor, but it offers no descriptions in the way of “worn out” or “piece o’ junk.”

The water production department is sending over 75 “or more” 55 gallon barrels. Presumably they are empty. If so, I’m thinking possible barbecue pit material for those handy with a blowtorch and power tools.

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Duncan Vice Mayor Mike Nelson talks during Wednesday's Duncan Rotary meeting.