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October 2, 2013

Outlaw coach wants intensity in practice

Bob Morris
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MARLOW — The Outlaws learned a lesson last week about game preparation.

“We got to learn how to practice,” said Marlow High School coach Rob Renshaw. “You will play the way you practice. We had a couple of poor practices last week and it showed on the field.”

The result was a 15-14 loss to Jones in Marlow’s District 1-3A opener last Friday.

“You have to have intensity in practice and the kids need to take pride in what they are do, individually and as a team,” Renshaw said.

The good news is that the players had a good practice Monday, the coach said, and he hopes that continues throughout the week.

And it will be important for Marlow (3-1) to continue to practice well as the team’s home Friday district contest against Mount St. Mary (2-2).

St. Mary runs an offense that resembles what Navy and Georgia Tech run, Renshaw said. The offense is a double slot with the option, meaning it will “force us to be real disciplined on defense,” Renshaw said.

“They are real good at what they do,” the Marlow coach said. “It’s their (St. Mary’s) third year running this offense and they keep getting better at it.”

On defense, St. Mary runs a 5-2 with multiple fronts. Renshaw said St. Mary has a good defensive line and linebackers who “don’t beat themselves by lining up wrong.”

“We need to be physical up front,” he said.