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March 10, 2013

How to play Real Defense

Evan Grice
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DUNCAN — No matter what sport you play, there’s always a crucial component needed for success: Defense.

It’s the one thing all great teams have in common, no matter their size or style of play they might showcase, aside from great coaching as well just to make sure that isn’t left out.

Real defense though, is something that isn’t just applied to the playing field but in the game of life as well.

Now before we dive any further into this subject, many of you might remember something similar to this being spoken about in the movie D3: The Mighty Ducks.

I can assure you this is not a duplicate of the speech given in that movie, but more rather my own interpretation of the subject, as I digress.

To play good defense you not only have to have the physical ability but the mental capacity as well.

While both of these traits will serve an athlete well on the playing field, there’s one that will benefit them even more off of it: Confidence.

It’s very easy to be confident when you are in control of the situation, and you know when and where something is going to take place.

However, it’s a totally different thing when you have to have your confidence tested in the face of adversity whether it be a clutch game situation, or a difficulty that occurs in life.

Unlike scoring, defense is the one thing is sports and life that will never quit.

Having the confidence to attack even when you have no control over the situation, whether it be in a game or life is how you stay strong, because that’s how you not only gain possession back, but also a lot more important things.

When I say attack, it means not being too careless or careful.

If you choose to be careless, then you are putting yourself and your teammates in danger of losing and costing them, because listening to your team is what breeds success.

Being too careful means that you are afraid to lose, which will not only cost you victories in sports, but in life as well.

Not being afraid to lose is how you become successful, because it shows you have total confidence in yourself and those around you.

And that is how you play real defense.

Evan Grice is the assistant sports editor of The Duncan Banner. He can be reached at 580-255-5354 or at