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June 24, 2013

Children give back to cause with lemonade stand

Sean Gorman
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DUNCAN — When life gave others lemons, they made lemonade.

Visiting family in Duncan during the Fourth Annual Celebrity Pancreatic Cancer Friday, Hadley Spruiell, Davis Crook and Sam Crews did what all kids do on a hot summer day – build a lemonade stand.

But this was no ordinary stand, as the children, decided they would give all their proceeds to the tournament’s fund to help raise money for families of cancer victims and promotion of hope for those people.

“Davis decided it was a good idea to raise money for the cause, and wanted Sam and Hadley to help,” Sharon Crook, Davis and Hadley’s grandmother, said. “We could have kept it for ourselves, but it’s far better to give back for something like this.”

Tournament organizer Jim Edwards, a survivor of pancreatic cancer, agreed.

“It’s just wonderful when you see kids get excited about helping with a cause like this,” Edwards said. “Every dollar makes a difference, and I was thrilled to hear they had that idea.”

Coming in from Fort Worth, Texas, the trio set up the stand at Sharon Crook’s house. Their fathers Jeff Crook, Shawn Spuriell and David Crews all competed in the event.