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June 24, 2013

Archers hit bullseye

Evan Grice
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DUNCAN — When one of their own went down with cancer, the members of the Duncan Archery Club stepped up and hit a bulls-eye in a big way.

A total of 72 people participated in the Charlie Hixon Benefit Archery Tournament on Saturday, with all of the proceeds going to Charlie, and his wife Pam.

Charlie Hixon, a member of the Duncan Archery Club, was diagnosed with cancer on his liver, lungs, spine, and spleen. To make matters worse, by the time the discovery of the disease occurred, it was determined the cancer was already into Stage 4.

Things reached an unimaginable level the Thursday before the benefit shoot took place, when Charlie suffered a stroke, along with doctors discovering he had brain cancer as well.

“The event went absolutely awesome,” Event organizer Debbie Harrell said. “We weren’t sure how many people would come out for this event. This was the first time we’ve ever done something like this, and it was a great turnout and we raised a lot of money for a very deserving couple in Charlie and Pam. They’ve been going through a rough time, and the financial strain has really hit them hard. We were so happy to do this for them and raise as much money as we did.”

Competitors in the tournament were treated to take part in one of the most difficult courses in the state of Oklahoma.

A total of $1,987 was raised at the Duncan event, with an additional $200 being raised during a separate event in Texas, which took place over the weekend.

September 28 is the next scheduled shooting event at the Duncan Archery Range complex, which is located just across from Duncan Lake.