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June 19, 2013

Meshell powers through injury in 2013

Evan Grice
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MARLOW — It has often been said in the world of sports, “Pain is inevitable, victory is forever.”

Marlow junior Beau Meshell knows all too well about both of these things, as he experienced an abundance of them during the course of the 2012-13 sports season.

While Meshell is a standout pitcher for the Outlaws baseball team, he is also a solid piece of the Outlaws football program, where his pain first began during the season.

On October 7, 2012 against Sulphur, Meshell suffered a knee injury which at first didn’t seem like anything serious, but quickly escalated into something worse.

“I just got hit in the side of the knee, and heard a pop after it happened,” Meshell said about the injury when it happened. “It hurt and I just played one way after that for the rest of that game. We then had three MRI’s performed and nothing was found. Finally the doctors went in and scoped it and we found that I had a torn meniscus ligament and a tear in my ACL.”

In normal circumstances, athletes with knee injuries would miss the rest of their respective seasons.

But, instead of missing playing time, Meshell powered through and finished the rest of football season, before jumping right into baseball season under coach Jeff Brewer.

“It wasn’t very difficult getting around with the injury after it initially happened,” Meshell said. “Obviously it hurt, but once you get going then you just push through it. My knee came out of place a lot during baseball season when I would pitch or sit on the bench, but other than that it was fine.”

While most of Stephens County had no clue about the heart that was being shown by Meshell during the course of baseball season, that wasn’t the case for coach Brewer, or the citizens of Marlow, who knew full well about the injury.

“To be honest, I knew Beau was hurt in football, but I didn’t know the severity of it,” Brewer said. “We really didn’t talk about it much. He just battled throughout the year and did what he had to do to take care of it. He knew I expected him to battle. I didn’t do anything special, I just tried to minimize the strain during practice so that we could get some productivity out of him in a game situation. There was never a thought of taking him out of the lineup though.”

Meshell’s heart and determination helped carry the Outlaws baseball team to its first state semifinals appearance in school history, with Meshell playing a pivotal role in MHS’ victory over Kingston in the state quarterfinals.

While he might not be showcasing his skills this summer for the Outlaws baseball team, Meshell is expected to be back in action just in time to suit up for the Marlow football team for the 2013 season.