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October 29, 2013

Hood, Hoffman put team first

Bob Morris
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DUNCAN — Senior wide receivers Cody Hood and Paul Hoffman don’t have eye-popping statistics, but they aren’t concerned about it.

The two are more concerned about what they do to help the team win games.

“It’s a team effort — it’s not just about what one person does,” Hoffman said. “We’ve all got come out and do our job.”

As for their roles, Hood said it depends on how the play develops, whether it’s catching the ball or blocking for a teammate.

“If the ball is thrown, you’ve got to learn to go up and get what you can get,” he said.

Hoffman added, “We feel if we can are getting yards on the ground, we need to keep going with that.”

Demon coach Jim Holloway said the unselfishness of the two seniors has been an asset. Although the two didn’t see much playing time earlier in their careers, Holloway said that the two dedicated themselves to offseason workouts and are now reaping the rewards.

“These two just love to play football,” he said. “They’ve been coming to the camps forever.”

Holloway added he and the coaching staff knew the two would be good players, given their attitudes in their earlier years.

“They kept working in the weight room, in the summer and in the offseason,” he said. “Now they are producing.”

Hoffman and Hood take pride in the fact that the Demons are still in the playoff hunt despite not having many players on the roster this year.

“People don’t give us as much credit as we’ve gotten, considering we have the smallest group of players we’ve had in a long time,” Hoffman said. “The defense has gotten way better in the last few weeks. We don’t let up on the big home run plays.”

The two said they take their roles as team leaders to heart.

“We have to keep the right mindset, do our best and make sure we are doing our jobs,” Hood said.

Hoffman added, “You’ve got to focus and always be one team. You can’t be arguing with each other, whether at practice, at school or on the field.”

Holloway said the attitude they bring is good to see.

“They are good teammates,” he said. “They help other players and come to practice with great attitudes.”