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October 27, 2013

Donkey seniors end on high note

John McKelvey
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BRAY — The Bray-Doyle seniors got to make their final statements known in a 56-26 loss to Wilson Friday night.

The Donkeys received outstanding contributions from seniors Rodney Hall, Greg Perez, Sam Henderson and Cody Matthews. They showed the team how to fight through adversity even though there was only 11 players on the roster against Wilson, according to coach Lee Bluejacket.

“They just had excellent resolve,” Bluejacket said. “They stuck it out, never quit and kept fighting until the end. It’s tough when you don’t a lot of subs, and the majority of the team never left the field.”

Fortunately for Bray-Doyle, Wilson agreed to play them in an eight-man game. This happened because Bray-Doyle had already forfeited the game because of a lack of players. Facing a huge roster size difference, the Donkeys held their own.

“It’s tough when you face a team that has 30 kids on the sideline and can rotate fresh bodies in,” Bluejacket said. “Overall, (the Bray-Doyle players) did a good job of staying in there and keep battling. You could tell that they wore down at the end.”

Bluejacket pointed out that it is unlikely he will be able to find any opponents for the next two weeks. He couldn’t heap enough praise on the seniors who stuck around all season despite knowing that the team would have to forfeit a lot of games.

“Those senior leaders in there, who never quit the team, really helped the younger guys get better,” Bluejacket said. “I’d expect next year, at this time, the record, the team atmosphere and the way the team is, will be totally different.”