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February 28, 2014

Bronchos look to get over playoff hump

John McKelvey
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CENTRAL HIGH — For Central High baseball, the season boils down to one opponent, Sterling.

The school that is 13 miles away has been thorn in the Bronchos side come playoff time. It’s very difficult for coach Jeff Jones to get a playoff bracket that doesn’t include the Tigers, because of their proximity. However the top eight teams are seperated in the state playoff bracket, allowing each one to have a clear run at making the quarterfinals. That makes the key to the season very simple.

“We’ve got to be in the top eight in the state, so we can stay away from Sterling,” Jones said. “We don’t want to play them in playoffs until the state tournament.

“The awful good, but I think we are too.”

Jones wants to find a way into those quarterfinals. His main tools are going to be a hdnful of athletes who have competed on the football field and basketball court before making the annual jump to the diamond. Two players that stick out are senior outfielders John Repp and Kevin Harris.

“They’re going to be a little behind, but they’re such good athletes,” Jones said. “Kevin’s got such good speed. If he gets on base, he’s a threat to score, because he’s going to be able to steal second, third and maybe even home.”

Repp isn’t far behind Harris in the speed department, and the two are the main offensive threats on the basketball and football team. Senior Kade Taylor is another football player making the transition. He will be one of the team’s top pitchers this spring.

Sophomore Joseph Flood, who is also on the basketball team, will be another pitcher for the Bronchos. Jones isn’t worried about the basketball team going deep into the playoffs as the victories only help the players.

“Success breathes success,” Jones said. “If they’re not successful in basketball, they’re more apt to choke in baseball... They’re going to believe they can win no matter if they’re playing tiddlywinks.”