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November 19, 2013

Q&A with Central’s Kevin Harris

John McKelvey
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CENTRAL HIGH — Central High’s offense ran through Kevin Harris this season. The senior running back/receiver/corner had more than 1,600 rushing yards and was asked to make big plays on both offense and defense. From a leaping interception in his own team’s end zone to a hail-mary grab right before halftime, Harris was asked to do it all. After a 38-0 loss to Pond Creek-Hunter, Harris sat down with The Duncan Banner to talk about his senior year and his plans after high school.

John McKelvey: What do you think about your performance overall this season?

Kevin Harris: It’s a little overwhelming. I didn’t know it would come this fast. Football has been great. I had a great time. Was coached by a great person, teammates great, it’s just all around good for football. I hope the same thing for all the other sports I play my senior year as it goes by. I don’t want it to, but it’s something you have to go through.

JM: Given your performance this season, how bad do you want to play football another year, at the next level?

KH: I want to play really bad. I really don’t even want to start. If I walk-on to a team, I know I’ve got that work ethic that coaches have been putting into me. I think I’ve got that and I’ll work hard and hard to be what other people are that are starting. I want to be a starter and I kind of don’t want to be a starter at the beginning. I want to work for my spot and earn it.

JM: Do you think that one of the reasons you have been mostly overlooked by colleges is because you play at a smaller school (Class B)?

KH: I think it’s pretty big factor, but I still think if you work hard enough, you’re going to get noticed no matter who you are. Without me getting looked at, it’s motivation for me to get better, work harder.

JM: Did you ever think of going to a bigger school? Was that ever an option?

KH: Yeah, my grandpa said I could move up there with him in Lawton. Then, I could go to one of the big schools. I thought about it and said, ‘there’s good players everywhere.’ I like Central a lot, and I like being here.

JM: If you had a large amount of college coaches together and could tell them anything, what would you tell them?

KH: I’d just say, ‘Just give me a chance. All I need is that one chance and I’ll impress a lot of people with that one chance.’