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December 24, 2013

Bray-Doyle girls basketball has best record in county entering winter break

John McKelvey
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BRAY — Bray-Doyle girls basketball coach didn’t know what to expect heading into the season.

He knew the roster had some talent, but it was also very young. Compile the stretches of loss after loss in the summer and preseason against tough competition, and there was no getting around it. He just didn’t know.

“I don’t know what my expectations were to be honest,” Moser said. “I thought we had a chance to be decent, if we put it altogether. I just wasn’t sure.”

With only three seniors on a nine-man roster, the donkeys have shot off to a 5-1 record. Only one of those wins was within 15 points, 44-40 against Granfield, and the team is just two wins away from tying last year’s total of seven.

The difference has been the defense. Moser has installed a press to try and speed up the opposition. While he only uses it situationally, it’s helped the Donkeys keep the numbers on the scoreboard low. Even in it’s only loss of the season, Moser’s team only allowed 26 points. The team’s problem has been scoring, and in that loss at Geronimo, it could only muster 23 points.

“If it hadn’t been good we probably wouldn’t have won any,” Moser said. “We’re able to mix it up a little more than last year. I think that’s been the part of the improvement on defense, is that we can do different things.”

Moser credited that to the team’s overall depth, a vastly improved cog in the team’s success. The young players are taking larger roles, starting with freshman Bailey Bearce. She took over the role of starting point guard and hasn’t looked back.

“She’s played way beyond my expectations,” Moser said. “She’s handled the pressure really well. She’s a smart kid and sees the floor well. She doesn’t always score a lot of points, but I told her, ‘I don’t care if you score a single point if you’re getting the ball down the floor and getting us in our offense.’”