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November 8, 2013

Top recruit has waiver denied

John McKelvey
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COMANCHE — The Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association (OSSAA) has denied Comanche senior Jacob Hammond’s hardship waiver application, officials said Friday.

Ed Sheakley, the executive director of the OSSAA, confirmed the hardship waiver, which Hammond needed to play this season, had been denied and that the family is appealing the decision. The appeal hearing will be held Wednesday.

Hammond is ranked in the top 150 players in the nation and is ranked as the No. 2 player in the state of Oklahoma according to ESPN. He originally started his career at Duncan High School as a freshman, but played for the Oklahoma City Storm in his sophomore year. He then played his junior year at Sunrise Christian Academy, before transferring to Comanche this year.

A 6-foot 10-inch 230-pound center originally committed to Oklahoma in August of 2012 before switching his committment to Nebraska this summer. Officials from the Comanche School District declined to comment on the matter, and the Hammond family could not be reached.

In the hardship waiver manual portion of the OSSAA website it explains the impact of a player transferring to a school.

“A student who was previously enrolled and participated in interscholastic athletics at a different school while living in the home district or who resides outside of the public school district or other geographic area designated for the member school is ineligible to participate during the student’s first full year of attendance unless the student has obtained a waiver to allow for participation or meets other criteria for immediate eligibility as provided further in the OSSAA Rules.

If a student falls under one of the following categories you should check further into his/her eligibility:

A. Did not attend your school last year.

B. Is living with someone other than who they lived with last year? (Even if new person is a natural parent)

C. Parents (or custodial parent or guardian) are not legal residents of your district.

D. Attending your school on a transfer from another school.

E. Does not have an official transcript from the school last attended.

F. Entered your school after the semester had officially begun (check on the Attendance Rule 2).

G. Another residence is being maintained in a separate school district or designated geographic area.

H. Comes from a school where he/she was ineligible to participate.

I. Answers yes to question(s) on the

OSSAA Eligibility Record Form.”