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November 29, 2013

Outlaw girls expect defense to get results

John McKelvey
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MARLOW — There isn’t a single senior on the Marlow’s girls basketball roster, but none of the players are worried.

The Outlaws know that they can cause havoc with their box-and-one defense. Junior Diamond Morris is focused on getting in the passing lanes, forcing turnovers and pushing the ball up the court as fast as possible.

“We’ll get a lot of fast breaks and that will be a big part of our scoring this year,” Morris said. “Our layups and the little things we do on defense will be our offense.”

One of the detriments of having a lot of younger girls is size. The Outlaws don’t have many tall girls, but sophomore Kaytlyn Kizarr thinks the guards’ speed will compensate for that. This is where Kizarr, the starting point guard, can excell, junior Shayna Throckmorton said.

“She’s really quick and good at defense,” she said. “She’s always in the passing lane. So, she steals the ball a lot.”

With the speedy guards like Kizarr and Morris poaching passes, the post players are asked to hang back and protect the hoop. The two post starters Throckmorton and sophomore Connor Clements. They help offensively staying close to the paint and helping the team get second opportunities.

“If I shoot a three and miss, (Throckmorton) is always there to get the rebound for us,” Kizarr said. “They are both very aggressive on the court.”

Even with Throckmorton and Clements’s help, coach Larry Mowry recognizes that the strength of the team won’t be size. He is focused on the smaller athletes helping out his post players.

“A lot of teams that we are going to play have at least one or more big players,” Mowry said. “We’re going to rely tremendously on our speed. We’re going to have to play up-tempo and do a lot of pressing and trapping to get the ball away.”