Rob Renshaw coaches during a game

Rob Renshaw coaches during a game in 2014.

John McKelvey/The Duncan Banner

After finishing his third season in a row with a first round exit, Marlow Public Schools and the Board of Education voted unanimously to fire Rob Renshaw as head football coach.

The Outlaws finished with a 5-6 record for the third straight season in 2017 and placed third in the district. Marlow ended up losing to Plainview in the first round of the 3A State Playoffs with a final score of 67-48.

Renshaw was hired in April of 2012 to take over for Jeremy Gage, who stayed on as an assistant coach and went into administration at Marlow Public Schools.

His best season came in 2014 when the Outlaws finished 7-5 on the year, made it to the second round and were eventually beat by Cushing. Cushing lost to Heritage Hall in the state title game that year.

Making the playoffs in all six years as the Outlaws Coach, Renshaw had five first round exits and then the second round exit in 2014 with no state titles in his tenure as coach.

Marlow Superintendent George Coffman said it was time for change and he thought the football program needed new leadership.

“We are going to open the position up and look for the best candidate we can,” Coffman said. “Coach Renshaw he is a good man and does a good job in the classroom; it's just we are ready for a change at the head coach position and that decision was made.”

Coffman stated that the job description will start to make the rounds on websites and job boards and is hoping to get someone in as quick as they can.

“We will hopefully, by about February-March at the latest, have coach lined up,” Coffman said.

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