Take a quick glance around the Marlow and Duncan athletic facilities, and you’ll notice that things are changing. Improvements have been made, and plans are in the works for further advances.

Behind the scenes for the Duncan football team, spectators will not notice the changes that are benefiting the athletes. The players definitely will, though, as they prepare for practice and game. Renovations are in the process in the Halliburton Stadium locker rooms this summer. A complete redesign is being completed and will be ready for the upcoming season.

“Our main project is that we are remodeling our locker rooms,” Duncan head coach Jim Holloway said. “The whole football facility will be worked on. The bulk will be in the varsity locker rooms. We’ve taken down the walls and are building new.”

The work is being done by coaches and volunteers.

“We’ve had tons of volunteers,” Holloway said. “We’ve had a lot of volunteer labor and donations.”

The Duncan baseball team is looking to put in new lights and wiring. Funding is still needed, but the program has ideas to improve the complex.

“They caught fire a couple times this year,” Duncan athletic director Burl White said. “Getting them replaced is our first priority.”

In the past year, Sportsman’s Field has seen a new gate, as well as new locker room additions for the team. Last season oak lockers were installed along with carpeting in the facility.

Plans for the future include moving the concession stand, press box renovations and changes for the fans.

“We want to put in aluminum bleachers,” White said. “They would go over the concrete just like at the football stadium. We also want to put an aluminum awning over the stands so it isn’t too hot.”

If you made a baseball game in Marlow this year, there was no missing the changes. Set on the same site that the Outlaws have been playing on for awhile, the stadium and field had a complete reconstruction to form one of the nicest fields in southwest Oklahoma.

In all, the complex boasted new dugouts, dressing rooms, dirt and fieldwork and a press box. The construction lasted for a long time, and was still in progress the night before opening day this past season. Volunteers and Marlow’s staff worked on the project to reduce cost, with the results going to the benefit of the athletes.

“The players love the new look at the field,” Marlow baseball head coach Brook Holding said. “It’s a nice place for them to come to stay out of trouble. The locker room has a television so even if they’re not playing on the field, they still have something to do here.”

The result of the stadium allows fans to go in and watch the games in leisure. With the bleachers being fully covered and a nice concession area, the field is a place where opposing teams liked to play this season — even though the Outlaws possessed a team that usually won. In comparison to other facilities, Holding thinks that Marlow’s is a notch above.

“I think its one the top 4A fields around,” Holding said. “When it’s completely finished, it will be one of the best, regardless of size. It’s a really nice place to play and a great place to watch.”

Plans for the future of the field are to put bullpens and fencing down the third-base line. The first baseline, which hosts the visiting teams, already has the warm-up areas, and the home side should see the same before the start of next season.

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