Just in case anybody had forgotten, Shanessa Smith and Andrea Buben decided to remind the area who are the best basketball players in southwest Oklahoma.

The message was delivered to all in attendance Tuesday at the fifth annual Southwest Oklahoma Senior Classic at Cameron University.

The answer was the tandem of Lady Demons — as it had been all season.

In their final game before high school graduation, Smith and Buben worked together to pull out a 44-35 North Large School win. The outcome in all reality was meaningless, but the experience was worth every moment, according to Buben and Smith.

Their legacy has already been talked about, written about and set in stone. The All-Star game was just a reward and another memory for the two players who earned the recognition through strong play throughout the season.

“I felt no stress,” Buben said. “I wasn’t worried about winning the game or anything else. I just had fun.”

Smith led all scorers in the game with 16 points. She also rejected two shots and forced three steals.

“It’s a real honor to be an all-star,” Smith said. “I had a really fun time playing with everybody here.

“It was like going to college and playing with people you don’t know. It was amazing to play that well with them since we haven't ever played together. The experience was great.”

Buben, who is off to Midwestern State University in the fall, put in six points for the North team. She had the same feelings about the game as Smith held.

“It was a good experience for me since I’m about to go off to college,” Buben said. “We got to see how it was to meet new players and how to adjust to a new team.”

With Smith deciding last month to attend Western Oklahoma State College, the pair knew that this was the last organized game they would play in together. The tag-team approach of Smith inside and Buben outside will be a memory from this point on but is one that was special while it lasted.

“It was a lot of fun to get to play with her one last time,” Smith said. “I think I might cry.”

Buben was on the same path in her thinking back to what they had accomplished together.

“It was real nice to have her on my team,” Buben said. “We know what each other are going to do, so it made it easier to play.”

Duncan head coach Karen Berninger coached the team, which enabled her to be on the sidelines for the player’s last high school game.

Rush Springs’ Tiffany Foster also made the team, but did not attend the game because of a band obligation.

Central High’s Christy Logan played for the Small School North team. Logan put in three points in the 47-31 loss for the North against the South seniors. Logan went 1-for-1 in her final high school game.

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