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December 7, 2012

Grinch gets down to business at Immanuel Baptist Church

Staff Writer
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DUNCAN — Amid much laughter and excitement, the IBC staff made quite a production out of their 2012 annual business meeting Sunday.

Titled, “How the Grinch Almost Stole the Annual Business Meeting,” little “Whoville” children took over by dancing and singing around a huge Christmas tree. But not to be outdone, a spotlight took the attention to the negative Grinch, played by Pastor Jackie Allen, who entered wearing a complete Grinch costume. Oh and there of course, was the tune, “He’s a Mean One, Mr. Grinch!” playing as he entered.  

The Whovilles led by PreSchool minister Mandy Robbins as “Cindy Lou” showed and demonstrated to the skeptical Grinch all the good  and positive things Immanuel has been involved in over the past year throughout the program, finally convincing the Grinch that Immanuel indeed was a great place to be and was a blessing to the community as well as to the members.

The stage was filled huge painted Christmas packages, giant candy suckers and several large decorated trees. The staff plan to make the meeting an enjoyable fun evening for the large amount of members attending was a success and all worked together to surprise the church with the pleasurable evening.

Afterwards, members all received gift certificates for a free Wednesday evening meal at the church and the IBC children came out licking large colored suckers, much to their delight. The entire staff — Jackie Allen, Brian Holland, Joey Dean,  Barb Spradlin, Mandy Robbins and Kaley Neal — all worked together to make the night a special one that celebrated all that had taken place in 2012 at the church. The church is already looking forward to the next yearly meeting and it is anyone’s guess what it will be like.

— Beverly Scott, with Immanuel, contributed to this article.