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March 3, 2011

Ray of Hope holds Fathers and Daughters Banquet

David Laughlin
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DUNCAN — The goal of Ray of Hope’s second annual Fathers and Daughters Banquet was simple — create an environment conducive to paternal bonding.

Establishing a bond between a father and daughter is necessary, ROH pastor Mike McCord said.

“If dads don’t connect to daughters, there are people out in the world that are going to try,” he said.

With more than 150 fathers and daughters, and the age of daughters ranging from 5 to 50-years-old, McCord was pleased with the turnout.

“In today’s world, you have to provide those kind of moments where you can have dads and the daughters spend some time together,” said McCord. “We are trying our best to create an environment that helps foster a deeper connection between dads and daughters.

“As our culture changes, those opportunities are becoming less and less. Dads really have to be creative to cause that to happen. We as church need to help facilitate it the best of our ability.”

Not only does the banquet offer an opportunity for bonding, it gives the daughters a chance to dress-up, McCord said.

“It’s a dress-up event for the daughters,” said McCord.

During the course of the banquet, those in attendance are given opportunities to etch distinct memories of one another. To do so, McCord said fathers and daughters are asked to write specific memories they share of one another.

“We asked the daughters to write about their favorite Christmas memory or their most meaningful gift,” McCord said. “We asked the dads to pen their favorite school memories of their daughters.

“After they write their memories, they exchange them.”

McCord said emotions usually run high, especially when songs are performed. This year, Stephen Curtis Chapman’s “Cinderella” was performed by Chuck Dunlap.

“I told Chuck that I got teary eyed during his song and I don’t even have a daughter,” said McCord.

Though tickets were sold for the event, McCord said the price was low.

“We sold the tickets as inexpensively as we could,” he said.

Above all, McCord hopes the memories that are forged through the annual banquet will last a lifetime.

“Our main goal is to create memories for the dads and daughters,” McCord said. “Lord willing, we will have another one next year.”