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November 24, 2013

Giving thanks for things I ‘don’t’ have

Jeff Kaley
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DUNCAN — Thursday, we’ll gather once again around the turkey, ham, clove-spiked chunk of Spam or whatever dish is the traditional family entree in your tribe.

It’s good we set aside at least one day each year to pause and draw strength from one another, and to give thanks for what we have.

However, on Thanksgiving Day 2003, I’ll be breaking with the tradition of acknowledging what I have and instead, I’ll be giving thanks for what I do not have. See, in the universal scope of have-ness, it’s the things I do not have that make me most thankful.

Therefore, when my personal deity and I commune Thursday, I’ll be saying thanks for not giving me the following:

n The burden of always being right. I’m mystified by those afflicted with that malady. Who needs that heavy load of presumption and the pressure and stress it brings?

n An impulse to end up with the most stuff or the biggest bank account. As the philosophers J. Lennon and P. McCartney said, “Money can’t buy me love.” And from what I can tell, once the casket drops into the ground, the worms pay no attention to your accumulation of “things” or the expanse of your stock portfolio.

n The hairlines that run — or rise — on my mom’s side of the family. I got Dad’s genes in that regard, and full heads of hair run in his clan.

n A compulsion to own or even to understand everything techno. I use computers every day and finally gave in and got a basic cell phone. But privacy is a highly-prized personal possession and it’s important to have a say in how much technology rules my life. Harrumph! Harrumph!

Have a good Thanksgiving, y’all.