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March 24, 2013

Perhaps it is time to reconsider plan

Ed Darling
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DUNCAN — Words that follow are offered as a positive suggestion to well intentioned citizens who seek to help young people in Stephens County.  

Following careful study, a goal of $1.1 million was set by supporters of the Stephens County Youth Shelter as an amount of money necessary to build and furnish a new youth shelter. That was in January 2010.  Three years and several weeks later, the amount of money raised for the project is $751,045.43. That’s a significant total and speaks highly of the shelter and those both seeking and making contributions toward its completion.  

Many have worked hard.

Many have given much.  

But unless there is knowledge of a major benefactor, a large grant or an avenue to generate big sums quickly, perhaps the time has come for leaders of the effort to re-evaluate their plan, to make necessary adjustments and to build a core facility that services unmet needs now and can be enlarged later.  

On one hand, that would be disappointing, falling short of an obviously challenging goal. On another, it would be a remarkable achievement, meeting a vow of building without debt a facility capable of helping young people deal with issues, find solutions and chart paths to success.  

It’s a discussion that seems timely.