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August 6, 2013

Notebook clutter empty again

Ed Darling
The Duncan Banner

DUNCAN — Odds and ends, bits and pieces and perhaps an opinion or two from a bulging notebook that seems all too cluttered.

Thanks for your response to last week’s column about our travel experiences on the train from Boston to Alexandria, Va. I would have preferred a little more empathy and sympathy, but the giggles and wise cracks seemed good natured and were appreciated…no,  we have no plans to book a trip on the Kiwanis Kiddieland train, just for practice.

…Good to see movement on the deteriorating Duncan streets situation…hope there is a solution soon…talked with a sports writer job candidate last week and asked about his knowledge of Oklahoma…he said he drove through the state once and only remembers how bad the roads were…ouch…maybe it’s a statewide issue more than we know…

Believe members of the city council and leaders of Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation (DAEDF) agree there continues an important need for the half-cent economic development sales tax…broadening the definition of economic development may create an interesting conversation.

…State officials trying to determine how or if to refurbish interstate highway or turnpike welcome centers should visit Delaware’s Travel Plazas…a variety of “name” dining opportunities, pre-packaged food options to go, tax free shopping outlets, upscale convenience stores, comfortable seating, an information-visitor center and exterior fueling stations support ultra clean restrooms on an Interstate 95 island near the Virginia state line…nice and quite busy…

Words to the wise: The first rule in pitching horseshoes is to remove the horse…nothing is worse than a parachute that works fairly well.

…Congratulations to Jeramy Hass, state band director of the year; Ron Curry, vice president of the state agriculture education teachers association; Jeromy Knapp, a member of the 4-H Hall of Fame; the Duncan Little Theatre, Oklahoma’s theatre of the year; and Allyson Wilcox, Oklahoma Coaches Association Golfer of the Year…each brings much credit to our area…

I like the idea of another 20-plus story building in downtown Oklahoma City…it will bring to 18 the number of buildings taller than 250-feet there…interesting, OKC has 56 “high rise” buildings; Tulsa has 61…sorry the new tower will replace the architect ally unique Stage Center.

…Count me among those happy key issues of the 48-year-old Voting Rights Act have been reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court…Southern states have made remarkable progress and should not be under the intense federal oversight…

The Rev. Arnold Nelson is the third pastor of First Christian Church to be president of Rotary here…previously the Rev. James Smith and the Rev. Roy Harp held that position. David Redelsperger has been treasurer of the club 34 years…Glenna Cash retires soon from a remarkable 30-plus year career at The Duncan Banner and will be missed…Bonnie Talley first thought of Gabriel’s House in 1991…contractor and unsuccessful mayoral candidate John Dillon now lives in Santa Fe…longtime attorney John Stuart is moving to Montana.

…That officials predict Medicare is good to 2026 and Social Security is to 2033 is not necessarily a strong endorsement for either trust fund designed to take care of older American citizens…

Pet peeves: Men who don’t remove their headgear in a restaurant or while the national anthem is being played or while the pledge of allegiance is being recited.

Hard to believe but Pete Rose, baseball’s all-time leader in hits with 4,256, is now 72 years old…given the current unsavory status of the sport caused by drug abuse, maybe it’s time to end his 24-year “lifetime” ban and induct him into the Hall of Fame…

Massachusetts’ 40 senators sit face-to-face in a seminar-style circle at the golden domed statehouse in Boston…circle the date: golf’s U.S. Senior Open will be played at Edmond’s Oak Tree National course July 7-13, 2014…think Couples, Watson, Crenshaw, Kite, Irwiu, Montgomery, Mize, Pavin, Perry etc.

…Best high schools in Oklahoma? U.S. News and World Report says three of the top six are in Edmond…we need to work on making that list…sales tax holiday ought to include school supplies and computers…did local insurance rates drop when the city’s fire department got an improved ISO rating?...The Banner’s crepe myrtle is looking great…

“Now” appears a solid set-up year for the state’s struggling Democratic party to regain some momentum…Gov. Mary Fallin for all the right reasons, will likely win re-election, but a Democratic opponent could gain significant name recognition…wish Gov. Fallin would visit Duncan soon…only competitive race so far is state school superintendent.

Finally, remember the words of Winston Churchill: All great things are simple. Many can be expressed in a single word. Freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.

  Have a nice day!


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