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On Saturday, the Oklahoma Young Republicans presented me with the inaugural Steve Fair Young Republican at Heart Award.  This will be an annual award given to someone who has been a mentor, role model, or benefactor to the YR group.  Hope Sutterfield, the Stephens County GOP Chair, presented…

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Already we can see signs up all around Duncan supporting Todd Churchman in the race for County Commissioner (District #2). He is running against Lonnie Estes who defeated him four years ago for the position. Churchman had served on the county commission from 2008 to 2012. I would like to tell you a story about the time both men came and spoke to my Leadership Duncan Class in October of 2012.

  • By Steve Fair National Committeeman for the Oklahoma Republican Party

This legislative session, State Representative Jason Nelson, (R-OKC) authored a proposal titled, “The Oklahoma Education Saving Account Act.”  Under Nelson’s bill, state government would deposit money for a child, based on a sliding scale depending on family income, into an education saving …

  • By Roger Calger Stephens County Democratic Party Chairman

What does being conservative actually mean? I believe it is about wisdom, considering the long-term, balancing that with the benefits of change, and proceeding with caution. To the Republican Party it is just a sales logo that they stamp on everything they are selling. Please do not let them…

A proposed 25 percent cut in Medicaid payments by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority could be catastrophic for Stephens County and we urge Gov. Fallin to reconsider her position on taking federal support for Medicaid.

  • Roger Calger Stephens County Democratic Party Chairman

Editor,While the Republican Party continues to bankrupt Oklahoma and turn our country into a laughingstock with their Presidential primary, Steve Fair has decided to lecture women on how he knows God’s will for them better than they do themselves. The abortion argument is about whether you own your most intimate personal space or the government does.

  • Ed and Betty Apple Duncan

Editor,Pick Patty, please!We will enthusiastically vote for Patty Wininger for City Council on Tuesday, April 5. Why? Because she is a proven leader and organizer of impeccable integrity. Patty is committed to our community and will work tirelessly for all of Duncan. Thank you.Ed and Betty AppleDuncan

  • George Rhoades Duncan

Editor,The Chisholm Trail is holding a year-long 150th birthday party in 2017.Towns and communities all along the 1200-mile trail from deep in Texas, across Oklahoma to Kansas are planning to take part.

  • Michelle Landis, Duncan

Editor,Most people today don’t believe that our father God has anything to do with their lives. Yes, some pray and once in awhile we blame Him when someone we love dies, but I have proof his hand is on us during our daily lives.

  • Sheryl McGhghy Duncan

Editor,Duncan has long been known as a “community that can.” We have always pulled together in times of plenty and in tougher times to insure a positive future. In recent years, our city has been portrayed by some as a city of many factions and much darkness.

  • Roger Calger Stephens County Democratic Party Chairman Duncan

Editor,I am not a liberal wringing my hands about the Donald Trump candidacy. I am an American embarrassed that he is a presumptive nominee for the highest office in our great country. I do not understand why Steve Fair chose to write a column about a strawman liberal Democratic Party which he conjures from his imagination. Why not write one about the classy, substantive debate taking place in the Republican Party’s primary?

  • Amanda Woods Duncan

Editor,I am writing today to express my sincere support of Patty Wininger for City Council. I can honestly say that there is not a better person for the job. A true professional in our community.  Intelligent, hard-working, determined, task-oriented, compassionate and strong.

  • Harbour Whitaker Duncan

Editor,As a lifetime resident and champion of Stephens County it gives me a great deal of pride to take this opportunity to urge Duncan voters to elect Patty Wininger to the Duncan City Council position from Ward #3.

  • By Bill Ketter | CNHI News Service

That’s why hundreds of newspapers, radio and TV stations, cable news channels and online outlets are celebrating the 11th annual Sunshine Week across the country through Sunday.  It is important that we explain how the work we do on the public’s behalf is important.

  • Roger Calger Duncan

Editor,With strong conviction, I endorse Patty Wininger in the race for the Ward 3 seat on the Duncan City Council. Mrs. Wininger has been an outstanding servant to the people of Duncan and our surrounding area for over forty years.

Editor,My name is Dr. Ryan Scott. It is a privilege for me to write this letter in support of Mr. Chris Schreckengost to serve as a board member of Duncan Public Schools.

  • Thomas R. Weaver Duncan

Editor,An increase in the state sales tax has been proposed. The proponents of the tax increase claim that money raised by the increase would be devoted to teacher salaries.

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Although we would love to support proposed legislation requiring all Oklahomans to subscribe to a newspaper in their county of residence we unfortunately have to oppose “The Paper Informed Public Act.” House Bill 2389 authored by State Rep. Ben Sherrer (D) would do wonders for the status of …

Editor,The “Dietary Guidelines for Americans” released yesterday by U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services mark the ninth time in a row that the meat industry has successfully suppressed scientific findings recommending reduced meat consumption.

Editor,On Nov. 28, 2015, we had our Christmas in the Park, which included the Lighting of the Christmas Tree, Lighting of the 905 Steam Locomotive, Santa talking to all the kids, both the Stephens County Museum and the 905 Museum being open, and hot chocolate and cookies.

I have been putting off writing this letter for some time but as I  looked at the calendar and notice that I would soon be 82, I thought I better hurry.

  • Joe Murphey Duncan

Editor,A Fr. Greeley, who published over 200 reports and books in his lifetime, introduced fictional works with the caution that locales and characters existed only in his mind, not in the real world.

  • Tom Parrish Lawton

The current standard bearer for the Democratic Party is left handed. Unfortunately, he not like a famous Israelite warrior/leader who was also left handed.

After many attempts to contact someone in charge, I continue to get the run around, so I feel a letter to the editor is my only attempt to get the word out.

The Democratic Party is a political party that adopts from the realm of darkness a single thought. This thought attracts and embraces similar supportive thoughts and thus an evil belief system is born. As darkness lurks, a justification is carefully forged and hence a favorable value is impo…

Editor,While  President Obama is pardoning two turkeys for Thanksgiving, every one of us can exercise that same presidential power by  choosing a nonviolent Thanksgiving observance that spares a turkey’s life.

In a letter I submitted in 2012, I said that is Obama was re-elected, the next four years he would make the first four years seem like the good old days. Well, we have seen that now, haven’t we?