Thursday marked five days searching for missing child Damion Alexander Davidson, age 8, who has autism. Personnel involved in the search spent this time investigating rural areas south of Duncan, but had negative results.

“The Stephens County Sheriff’s Office with the assistance of Duncan Police Department will take the lead on the search in the rural areas,” Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney stated in a social media post. “We will have approximately 40 personnel on the ground on ATV’s and on foot. Our plan is to search the creeks and fields from Duncan to Comanche”

McKinney said the search went into dangerous areas and only highly trained personnel were used for the search, but the public helped out a lot with donations and support for the rescuers.

“Right now the public has really touched my heart today,” he said. “They’ve given so many donations.

Two helicopters were used during the search along with ATV’s, drones and multiple volunteers

“The sheriff has his helicopter and we have an additional one,” said Duncan Police Department Spokesperson Tera Mathis. “We have three drones.”

DPD Lt. John Byers examined hours of surveillance video to try to find any new clues. He said the investigation continues as a missing child search and continues looking within city limits.

“We haven’t gotten to the abduction side, but I do have a list of all the suspected sex offenders in town and we have looked into that aspect, we have that full list,” he said.

Damion was last seen asleep in his bed early Sunday morning. During the search, rescuers recovered his pajama bottoms near Claridy Creek and have focused their search efforts in the area for the past five days.

The community has banded together to help searching and have made multiple donations to the rescue team comprised of several local and out of town first responders.

The search continued until 8 p.m. Thursday and will resume Friday at 7 a.m.

Anyone with information is asked to call DPD at 580-255-2112.

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