Winton Walters

Winton Walters

Mark and Rita Roebuck described a night of terror when they were held at gunpoint as robbers stole $28,000 and four pistols from their home.

Winston Walters, 21, faces six charges for allegedly breaking into the Roebuck’s home, stealing the items from a safe and shooting Mr. Roebuck twice.

The Roebucks said a taller and a shorter assailant, both in masks, gloves and hoodies, entered their home during the trial Wednesday.

Two assailants entered the Roebuck’s home and confronted and shot Mr. Roebuck.

Mrs. Roebuck was then removed from bed and ordered to open the safe. After Mrs. Roebuck failed to open the safe, Mr. Roebuck was kicked in his gunshot wound, allegedly leaving blood on his assailant’s boot.

Mr. Roebuck opened the safe and the robbers took the money and guns.

Mrs. Roebuck was then marched into the bedroom to retrieve phones, and Mr. Roebuck was shot a second time. Mrs. Roebuck was then taped to a chair in the living room and the assailants left.

The defense argued the Roebuck’s nephew, Jeremy, had a connection to the crime.

He was arrested in connection to the home invasion early in the case, and later let go.

Mr. Roebuck said that he did not believe his nephew was responsible.

The defense questioned Mr. Roebuck about an earlier statement, in which the Roebucks allegedly said they recognized Jeremy’s voice during the crime.

The prosecution also played the entire 911 call from the Roebucks on the night of the robbery for the jury.

John Oxford, 26, was sentenced in September to a total of 99 years in prison for conjoint robbery, first-degree burglary, second-degree burglary, two counts of conspiracy and assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

He will serve 39 years concurrently for the first-and-second-degree burglary, conspiracy and assault with a deadly weapon charges. The 30-year sentence for the conjoint robbery count will run consecutively with these charges, as will the other 30-year sentence for assault and battery.

Andrew Travis, 28, who faced six charges related to the home invasion for allegedly driving Oxford and Walters, now faces one first-degree robbery charge after agreeing to testify during Walters’ trial.

The defense argued during opening statements that Travis is being paid for his testimony because of the reduction in charges.

The trial will continue at 9 a.m. today in District Judge Ken Graham’s courtroom with the defense cross-examining Mrs. Roebuck.

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