Two Tulsa residents are facing felony charges in Oklahoma and Texas after a routine traffic stop escalated into a high-speed pursuit Tuesday night. The chase went from Stephens County to Jefferson County to Montague County, Texas.

Christopher Wayne Smith, 30, and his passenger, Lindsey Nicole Bare, 21, led seven law enforcement agencies on a pursuit from the intersection of Paul Road and U.S. Highway 81 north of Comanche in a chase that lasted 26 minutes.

Stephens County Sheriff’s Deputy Rodney Richards said a few deputies were setting up a narcotics interdiction, which is an attempt to seize drugs, on U.S. Highway 81 in Comanche, when their attention was drawn by a Nissan Maxima. The condition of the vehicle constituted numerous traffic violations, including a broken windshield and a doughnut-type tire.

“We stopped the vehicle on Paul Road, north of Comanche,” Richards said. “When one of our deputies was about 10 feet from the bumper, the car sped off going south on Highway 81.”

Smith was wanted in Tulsa on outstanding warrants for violent crimes, Richards said. The tags and registration for the vehicle had been reported as stolen in Texas.

He said Smith drove past a stop sign without stopping and continued to head south on U.S. Highway 81.

When the car reached Comanche, Smith was driving at speeds exceeding 90 miles per hour, Richards said.

“From Comanche to the end, he was driving up to 120 miles per hour, he said. “He was driving consistently 110.”

During the pursuit, Smith began to throw items from the vehicle, Richards said.

“He threw cans of pop, tools, and when he ran out of items, he started throwing pieces of the car,” he said.

When the pursuit reached Jefferson County, Smith continued throwing items and attempted to strike vehicles, Richards said.

“He was in the southbound lane, and he tried to run into vehicles,” he said.

In Jefferson County, a road block was set up, Richards said. But Smith went around the road block by entering the wrong lane of traffic, and nearly ran over a Department of Public Safety trooper.

When Smith was near Ringgold, Texas, the Ringgold Police set up stop sticks, which blew out his tires when he drove over them, Richards said.

“He traveled another 2 1/2 miles and was driving on the axles before he came to a stop,” he said.

Smith exited the vehicle while Bare remained in the passenger seat. Bare was taken into custody, but Richards said Smith reached under his shirt and began to act like he had a weapon.

“He started calling for us to shoot him,” Richards said. “Fortunately, we could tell he had a wallet in his hand.

“When he realized we weren’t going to shoot him, he dropped the wallet and surrendered.

“The agencies from Oklahoma and Texas used great restraint when dealing with the situation.”

Richards said the outcome could have been different if it was not for two things.

“Luckily we stayed straight, and the traffic was light,” he said.

Smith and Bare are facing multiple felony counts in Oklahoma and Texas, including one for throwing a socket wrench and hitting a deputy’s windshield. They are incarcerated in Texas, and plans are being worked out to extradite them to Oklahoma, Richards said.

He said he was not sure how the extradition would work but said it was under discussion.

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