Two electricians from the Duncan area were hospitalized a week ago after they were injured while working at a job site in Colorado, but the contractor for which they were working has indicated that they could be released soon.

The men were working at a Wal-Mart in Aurora July 11 when an electrical malfunction called an arc blast occurred in the high-voltage box on which they were working. Both men, whose names were not released, suffered burns on their faces and hands, according to a spokesman for the Aurora Fire Department.

Department Chief Kevin Hammons said four others close to the electrical box inhaled some of the dry chemical in the fire extinguisher used to put out the small blaze. Those victims were treated at the scene.

“When the Fire Department arrived, it was just smoke. Apparently, there was an electrical malfunction,” Hammons said. “It appeared to be accidental.” He added that the investigation was turned over to the main electrical contractor and Wal-Mart.

Dan Julian, general manager of the Duncan-based sub-contractor RS Services, said the accident occurred when the main switch gear came in contact with a branch feeder breaker.

“They’re progressing nicely with their recovery,” Julian said of the injured workers. “We have a feeling they might be released next week.”

He said one of the workers has been with the company for a year, and the other for about three months.

The Wal-Mart is one of two experimental stores in the country that has taken vast measures to be environmentally friendly. For instance, some of its energy comes from solar and wind sources, but Julian said the electrical box the men were working on was typical equipment used on other stores.

A Wal-Mart spokesperson said the store was closed after the accident but reopened the following day.

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