The driver of a van that collided with a pickup driven by a Comanche High School student almost a year ago was found guilty of negligent homicide Thursday in Stephens County District Court.

Jack Alan Langdon, 54, of Oklahoma City, was ordered by the jury to pay a $1,000 fine, but was not assessed any prison time.

Langdon was accused of causing the May 2005 accident when his van went left of center on Oklahoma Highway 53 and Sears Road in Comanche. He ran head-on into the pickup driven by high school student Shayna Potts, who was on a lunch break from school. Potts was pronounced dead at the scene as a result of the collision.

Highway Patrol troopers investigating the scene found that Langdon was traveling 63 miles per hour at the time of impact. The posted speed limit was 35 miles per hour.

The troopers also reported that no skid marks were left by either vehicle, indicating that the drivers did not see each other or that Langdon went left of center too quickly for Potts to react, according to the accident report.

A Comanche Police officer interviewed Langdon later at the hospital, and Langdon told him that he did not know what caused the accident.

Langdon had several previous traffic convictions but the state was not allowed to take them before the jury.

Assistant District Attorney Dennis Gay said that Potts’ family has hired an attorney for a possible civil suit against Langdon.

Gay also said the state had offered Langdon a six-month imprisonment term and a six-month suspended sentence before the trial, but Langdon chose to take the case before a jury instead.

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