The ballots have been cast and the results are in: Less than 20 percent of Stephens County’s registered voters cared to express an opinion about the slate of candidates in the primary election.

Peggy Winton, Stephens County Election Board secretary said she found the low voter turnout to be disappointing.

“You just can’t get them out anymore,” Winton said. “That’s a crime.”

Of the 25,595 registered voters, only 5,023 voters cast their ballots in 29 precincts, including absentee. This was equivalent to about 19.62 percent of the registered voters in Stephens County.

Of the people who voted, 3,921, or 78 percent, were Democrats and 1,102, or 22 percent, were Republicans.

Winton said she there was something unusual about the ballots cast in Stephens County.

“There were no provisional ballots,” she said. “We always have some.”

Of the 5,023 votes cast in Stephens County, there were no provisional ballots cast. Provisional ballots allow for error on either the part of the voter or the election board and gives the voter a chance to cast a ballot.

Although the results of the primary election don’t become official until 5 p.m. Friday, the top competitors in Stephens County appear to be Brad Henry, Jari Askins, Lloyd L. Fields, Ernest Istook, Todd Hiett, Howard Barnett and Bill Case.

In the Democratic governor’s race in Stephens County, Henry received 3,323 votes. Andrew W. Marr Jr. received 563 votes

Also on the Democratic ballot, Askins was the top vote in the lieutenant governor’s race with 3,479 votes. Pete Regan got 243 votes; Cal Hobson, 96; and Jim Rogers, 95.

In the selection of a Democratic nominee for commissioner of labor, Fields received 2,163 votes and Frank Shurden got 1,440.

In the Republican governor’s race, Istook took 649 votes. Bob Sullivan received 258; James A. Williamson; and Jim Evanoff, 87.

The Republican lieutenant governor’s race drew 545 votes for Hiett; Scott Pruitt, 301; and Nancy Riley, 227.

In the state treasurer’s race, Barnett had 558 votes. Daniel Keating came close with 508 votes.

In the Republican state insurance commissioner race, Case got 824 votes and Tahl Willard received 197.

Winton said she expected a run-off election for the Democratic lieutenant governor, the Republican governor and the Republican lieutenant governor’s race. To win in a particular category, the candidates must receive 50 percent of the votes, plus one vote.

“There’s so many running that it will be hard to pull the majority,” Winton said.

The run-off election will be held Aug. 22.

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