City Council members voted Tuesday to reject some bids and accept others for various projects around the community.

Bridge replacement for Cedar Avenue at Willow Creek and 27th Street north of Bois d’Arc didn’t get the go-ahead after council voted to reject the sole bid that came in for the project. At $526,656.09, the bid from Klaver Construction was $1,656.09 more than the budgeted amount, but a desire to try to solicit more bids led to the council’s decision.

Action to approve re-soliciting will follow at a future special meeting.

The council rejected a bid for the wastewater treatment plant generator. The existing generator, which would provide power to the south end of the plant in case of a power failure, according to a memo by City Manager Clyde Shaw, is not adequate to meet the needs.

Only one bid came in on this project. At $220,191, the bid was $75,051 more than the engineer’s estimate of $145,140. Council approved the carry-over of $100,000 budgeted for the project in addition to re-soliciting bids.

Waterline improvements received the go-ahead from the council. Several areas of town will be addressed, replacing existing mains for various reasons. Included in the project is 27th Street and Cedar Avenue relocation to accommodate bridge replacement projects, Spruce Avenue at Claridy Creek replacement of a main damaged during floods, and Howard Avenue from Fifth to Sixth streets for replacement of an undersized waterline.

Miller Construction was awarded part of the project bids, totaling $649,105, while Luckinbill Inc. was awarded the remaining bids, totaling $110,010.

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