A Comanche woman was charged Tuesday in Stephens County District Court with driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Laveda Sue Baker, 50, had her initial appearance in court Tuesday and bond was set at $1,000. She is out on bond and awaiting her next appearance in court, which is set for June 16.

Baker was arrested Monday night after the vehicle she was driving, a white Pontiac car, collided with the rear of a red-and-white school bus at the intersection of U.S. Highway 81 and Camelback Road.

According to the affidavit prepared by Duncan Police Master Officer Layle Baker, the school bus was struck at the red light while the bus was stopped.

According to the report, police administered a sobriety test to Baker and police observed several clues that indicated a possibility of alcohol or drugs in her system.

Baker refused to take a blood test.

According to the report, while Duncan Police Sgt. David Woods was collecting information from the passengers of the bus, several of the passengers said they saw Baker place an object on the ground near the light pole on the southeast corner of U.S. Highway 81 and Camelback.

Woods walked over to the pole and observed a pill bottle, with many different types of pills inside, lying on the ground at the specified location.

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