With the problems that our nation’s economy is facing, employers everywhere have had to make difficult decisions. During the Central High School Board meeting Monday, Superintendent Bennie Newton proposed a few difficult suggestions to the board on ways to deal with the low revenue income.

Newton said that some form of action will need to be made to help keep money in the Central High School System.

One plan of action is to reduce the school bus routes from having five bus routes to having four bus routes.

“By consolidating two of the bus routes we will be saving more money on gas,” Newton said. “We also have a few substitute bus drivers that we rotate, that we would not need to rotate if we went with this proposal.”

Another idea is to furlough the schools support staff during breaks and other times that school is not in session.

By furloughing the support staff the school will be saving on energy costs that would have been used.

Newton also proposed changing the school week from five days a week into four days a week in the upcoming semester.

“If we go to the four-day weeks we will still be having enough hours to equal out for a school year.” Newton said.

The elimination of teacher’s assistants next semester was another suggestion that was to the board Monday night.

Newton said that the elimination of jobs is a route that he doesn’t want to take, however the salaries are a part of the low income.

The final proposal that Newton made to the board was the donating part of teacher’s salaries who were willing to donate to the district.

“Some of the teachers said that they could and were willing to help out,” Newton said. “I’m not asking the teachers to do this, but if they would like to help out every little bit helps.”

As stated before these actions are all just proposals and no action will be made until the December board meeting.

Newton said that his door is open to anyone with suggestions on other ways to help save money.

“I’m here to listen and take in to consideration any suggestions that anyone may have,” Newton said. “Every little bit helps and in these times we need all the help we can get.”

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