Thursday afternoon, a crowd of over 100 people gathered for the ground-breaking ceremony for Dr. Ché Miller’s new, state-of-the-art facility that will house Dr. Miller’s offices and clinic, as well four additional “Build to Suit” facilities that will be available to those looking for prime commercial real estate in Duncan.

When completed, the 11 million dollar office complex will be a 43,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, fully wired complex owned by True North properties and funded entirely by private investments. The central lobby of Dr. Miller’s building will include an art gallery, as well as professional meeting spaces.

Chris Deal, CEO and President of Duncan Chamber of Commerce, said the extraordinary effort by Dr. Miller to bring revenue, jobs and development to Duncan was something that the entire community should be proud of.

“I’m very excited to be here today at the ground-breaking of Dr. Ché Miller’s office here in the True North office park. It’s been a labor of love for Dr. Miller and Leah, his wife. A lot of people don’t realize all of the process and what’s involved here — as this develops it will continue to add to the medical facilities and complexes we have in our community,” Deal said. “What Dr. Ché Miller contributes to our community is not just medical. He has a great entrepreneurial spirit and he’s kind of become the driving force [for] some [of the] development in our community. So we’re very thankful for that. His partnership with WW Builders is really producing a great focal point for our community, a new development that’s going to be — state-of-the-art.” 

Deal said that healthcare related services and the jobs they provide are paramount for a community like Duncan — and a facility as well-planned and modern as this one can have a large economic impact in more ways than one.

“—A lot of people don’t realize that healthcare, healthcare services and healthcare related industries are one of our number one employers in Duncan and in the state,” said Deal. “One out of eight jobs come from healthcare, so to see this kind of development here, with this attractive facility that’s going to be built; it’s going to bring people into our community, we’re trying to persuade them to come and invest in our community, and bringing them to a location like this can — help seal the deal. So we’re very excited.”

Randy Wilson with WW Builders shared in Deal’s excitement and said though it’s been a long process  with a few bumps in the road to get to this point, they are confident that the facility will meet expectations.

“We’re just excited to be a part of it and look forward to getting this open by next summer. We wish Ché the best in his new project. — We’ve been working together probably —a year. — It’s been a long process, we’ve had some architecture (sic) issues but it’s all been worked out. I think we’ve got him just what he wants on paper, now we’ll see if we can put it up in the air,” Wilson said.

According to Wilson, the facility will not only be a functionally advanced space, but an aesthetically pleasing addition to the community as well.

“—We want it to look beautiful as people drive by. We want it to be an excellent addition to Duncan and we want to see Duncan grow,” said Wilson.

Dr. Miller will see all of his patients in the clinic at the new facility, and will continue to perform his surgeries and endoscopies at Duncan Regional Hospital. Dr. Miller said that Duncan Regional Hospital has been and will continue to be an excellent partner for his practice, and this facility wouldn’t have been possible without their exceptional commitment to quality care.

“—Whenever I came out of residency and started working here ten years ago, I didn’t realize what a great hospital system I was joining. But over the last decade, I learned that our hospital is one of the leading hospitals in the state for excellence in patient care. Duncan Regional Hospital has been voted Becker’s Top 100 Rural Community Hospitals — Healthgrades voted Duncan Regional as the 2017 outstanding patient experience award, which is tremendous. We’ve been ‘Most Wired’ hospital for a decade, we get the Oklahoma Hospital Association’s award for excellence in health and prevention for employees — We’re American College of Radiology’s Breast Cancer Center of Excellence [and] we are an orthopedic hospital center of excellence.”

Dr. Miller said along with Duncan Regional’s commitment to expanding what surgeries are offered locally for patients, he believes it’s the spirit of everyone in his office that has allowed the growth of his practice. His True North properties are so-called with that spirit in mind and his family holds that spirit close as an overall philosophy for life.

“Everybody in my office just gets excited to fix a problem. When a patient’s got one, we see it as a challenge and we love to go after it,” Dr. Miller said. “That’s really the model behind our ‘True North’ properties. The whole company that owns this new building is a company called ’True North’, our philosophy is to just do what’s true north. Always do what’s right and everything will work itself out. We believe in it passionately — my wife, Leah, you don’t see much about this side of my practice, you don’t see her in it very much because she’s behind the scenes, but, man she is — the rock of stability behind the whole thing. She’s raised our kids to respect it.”

That philosophy has been a driving force behind all of The Miller’s involvement in the community, including Leah Miller’s “Beautiful Day” program. Despite everything they have done and continue to try to do for the community, Dr. Miller still found himself surprised and humbled by the turn-out at the ground-breaking ceremony.

“I’m just an average guy with an average business — my heart was a little bit, I was a little bit speechless when i look out and there’s a hundred people — there to support the growth of something new and they were there as much to see Duncan grow as they were there to see me build a building. —I was humbled by it. In fact, I’m sitting in my office right now, I’ve turned off all the lights, and I’m just sitting here thinking about what this means and how touched I am that people would show up and have interest in it. Because I’m just an average guy doing an average job. It really is humbling.”

Dr. Miller said he hopes the new facility will give the community a place to grow professionally and that it will be a place for new businesses and industry to grow and prosper.



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