Calf Roping

The Crowd watches and contestants wait during the Calf Roping contest Saturday.

Kevin Kerr
The Duncan Banner

Duncan was host to the eighth annual Rising Stars Calf Roping Contest this past weekend to a crowd that event founder Chris Neal says is an ever growing group of people.

“This event has never not grown the next year,” Neal said.

The event was moved from Ada to Duncan last year and Neal said that people from 16 to 18 states are represented during the calf roping, even coming as far as Canada. Likewise, the number of contestants reached well over 600, and still added 35 to 50 new contestants this year.

With large crowds such as this, it isn’t surprising that local economy gets a little bit of a boost. The Calf Roping Contest was a new event to Duncan last year, and was the only new event in the month of November, which made it easy to see what kind of an effect it had for local economy.

Last year, the event posted an additional $238,000 for the month of November on Sales Tax revenue in the city of Duncan.

“People bring their families with them,” Neal said. “So there’s much more than 600 people here for this event.

“The hotels see a lot of people staying there, restaurants, Wal-Mart, all those places see people from this event coming in and spending money.”

Neal said that people who stay in their trailers and RV’s at the fairgrounds also contribute by hooking up there, bringing money into the fairgrounds as well.

“These people also have to travel here, so not only are we bringing money into Duncan, but also into the state as a whole too,” Neal said. “People have to travel here through Oklahoma City, and many of them stop there as well, so this is more of a statewide contributor than it is to just Duncan.”

According to Neal, the event brought in $94,000. That money is used to fund the contest and is also used for the prizes given to contest winners. Last year, over $15,000 in prizes consisting of anywhere from rodeo equipment to cash prizes was given out to the contestants.

“The money we make on this goes right back into it,” Neal said. “It really goes to the kids that compete here, which is really what it’s all about.”

— Kevin Kerr is a reporter for The Duncan Banner. He can be reached at 580-255-5354, Ext. 147, or via e-mail at

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