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December 3, 2012

Tea time at CU Duncan

Rebeka Rutledge
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DUNCAN — Attendance for the annual Victorian Holiday Tea, hosted by Cameron University, included those of all ages and featured several tasty goodies.

There were about 100 people who came out for the special event to hear Dr. Vivian Thomlinson, professor of English for Cameron. Thomlinson is a specialist in Victorian literature and has her doctorate’s in Victorian English.

It is she who came up with the idea for the annual tea for a Duncan event and Von Underwood, dean of the School of Liberal Arts at CU, decided to run with it.

“We’re always looking for interesting events to bring to Duncan for the students and community,” he said. “It’s become a popular event and we’re proud about that.”

Thomlinson read several selections of poetry and prose, including a short story from Thomas Dickinson titled “A Christmas Tree.” This work preceded his famous story “A Christmas Carol.” She also talked about how the Victorian era helped modify Christmas to what it is today.

“It is one of the eras that prepared for modern times,” she said. “I am thrilled to see so many children here today.”

Along with Thomlinson’s program, those who attended had the opportunity to try different gourmet teas that were donated by Distinctive Decor and plenty of English specialties including scones, crumpets, clotted cream, trifle and cucumber sandwiches, which were provided by Mrs. G’s.

“I really like the tea and it’s my first time to have crumpets,” said Mikayla Amaya, who attended the tea with her aunt and two younger sisters. “The tea reminds me of my grandma’s house; she’s from Scotland.”

Many take this event as a chance to have a large scale tea party as is the case of Charmin Andrews and several of her young relatives.

“I heard about this from (Cameron), which I attend two weeks ago and when I told them about it, they were thrilled,” Andrews said. “We have our own tea parties at home and this is their first one outside home.”