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November 19, 2012

Stephens County E911 hires help for mapping

Derrick Miller
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DUNCAN — Stephens County E911 is enlisting the help of another company to bring the county mapping to the level it’s mandated to be.

During Monday’s regular meeting, the Board of Stephens County Commissioners approved hiring Spatial Data Research to make a list of how the mapping project should be improved to be considered usable for E911 purposes.

E911, or Enhanced 911, is used to link emergency callers with the appropriate public resource by locating the source of the call. The county has been working with Visual Lease for mapping needs.

Mark Suson, county E911 director, said Spatial Data Research is a 911 mapping company, whereas Visual Lease usually does mapping for oil purposes.

“We started working on the map, and it didn’t meet standards,” Suson said. “In the contract, the map has to be useable.

“The City of Duncan’s is also not acceptable.”

The cost of bringing in Spatial Data Research is about $2,000, a number Suson didn’t have to supply to the commissioners during the meeting. The maps created through E911 programs are used by various agencies, from post offices to telephone companies to emergency services, such a fire departments.

The City of Duncan has less work to do on its E911 mapping than the county because many of the streets already had names before the program kicked off in the two entities, Suson said.

He said the list created by Spatial Data Research will benefit the county E911 because it will let the county and Visual Lease know what steps need to be taken to bring county mapping to where it needs to be.

“There may be some things on there that I haven’t caught yet,” Suson said. “There were a lot of obvious things.”

Marlow Police Chief Jimmy Williams attended the meeting to find out more about Spatial Data Research and what it will be doing with the county. Williams said the Marlow E911 program might enlist the help of the company, too.

“We don’t have the problems the county and Duncan have had,” Williams said.

Williams said Marlow has been in the E911 program longer than Duncan and Stephens County, and Marlow has been working with a 911 mapping company.

Suson wasn’t sure how Visual Lease will react to the detailed list provided by Spatial Data Research.

“I’m not sure what’s going to happen with Visual Lease,” Suson said.