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November 12, 2012

Woodrow Wilson hosts annual carnival

Derrick Miller
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DUNCAN — Woodrow Wilson students attended school on a Saturday, a sight that happens at least once a year.

The elementary school campus was alive as it hosted its annual Fall Carnival. The program, sponsored by the Woodrow Wilson Parent/Teacher Association, featured games and creativity opportunities for the students.

The carnival offered a safe environment for students to spend time during the weekend, while providing them with an enjoyable time.

Janice Hodges, a second-grade teacher and the school’s teacher of the year candidate, held Bingo in her room. Hodges was excited to see numerous students hanging out at the school for the evening.

“Lots of smiling faces,” Hodges said. “It’s fun. They love it.”

Students were able to paint pumpkins, play Bingo, compete for trays of cupcakes, get their faces painted and have color sprayed into their hair.

The students weren’t the only people voluntarily on the school campus. Teachers, parents and other volunteers helped with carnival.

For the cupcake walk, those same volunteers made 360 cupcakes.

To win the cupcakes, the students played musical chairs only without chairs. Instead, there were boxes taped off and numbered on the floor. A teacher rolled a number dice to determine which box would be eliminated.

Hodges said the cupcakes were just the tip of the items donated for the carnival.

“We have a ton of prizes,” Hodges said. “We got a lot of support. People donated a lot of items.”

The prizes came in handy for the Bingo games, which had several winners throughout the afternoon.

One activity the students didn’t have to compete was the pumpkin painting. This provided students with an opportunity to be creative, and providing them with a decorated pumpkin for the fall season.

Hodges said the carnival exists for one reason; it allows the students to have fun while at school.

“They’re having fun on a Saturday night,” Hodges said.