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May 12, 2013

Emerson third graders learn Oklahoma land run history

Derrick Miller
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DUNCAN — When state education standards change from PASS Objectives to Common Core, several things will be impacted, including the mock land runs performed at several Duncan elementary schools.

For Emerson Elementary’s land run Friday, third and fourth-grade students had an opportunity to participate in the Oklahoma history lesson. This was the first year third-grade students were able to run in the program. Next year, it will only be third-grade students participating in the mock land run.

With the change in the state education standards, this year’s third-graders wouldn’t get an opportunity to participate in the land run next school year. The land run links up with Oklahoma history taught in the classrooms, and that lesson will become something third-graders will be focused on instead of fourth-graders.

“Essentially, next year, we’ll be observing and won’t be running,” fourth-grade teacher Veronica Tuttle said. “But I think that will be a lot of fun, too.”

In the Emerson land run, every year, students have to upgrade the land they settle in the mock land run by having a shelter, a land upgrade and food. Many of the students achieved the food through snacks, while the land upgrade often consisted by adding fake flowers.

As far as shelters went, some students brought cardboard box, while others had tents. Still others were even more creative through various means. Many of the students also had wagons to carry their supplies.

The third-grade students completed their land run first, while fourth-graders performed square dances. Following the third-grade mock run, the two grades switched places.

Randi Elliott, fourth-grade teacher, said the change in state standards will have students learning Oklahoma history a year earlier, but the third and fourth-grade teachers wanted to ensure all students got the land run experience.

“We didn’t want them to miss out,” Elliott said.

The students weren’t the only ones who didn’t miss out on the experience. This was Tuttle’s first year at Emerson and her first land run to help organize.

She said she had a great time with it and was glad she got to be a part of this year’s event.

“This is my first year to experience it,” Tuttle said. “It’s a lot of fun.”