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October 4, 2013

Spatial Data Research, Inc. to create 911 map of Velma

By The Banner staff
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VELMA — Mapping for GPS and 911 safety services will begin Monday for Velma residents.

Spatial Data Research, Inc. will be collecting resident and business names, mailing addresses and phone numbers for the project. When information is not available to SDR from other sources, the specialist will knock on resident doors to conduct interviews.

“It will take about three days for the company to map Velma,” said Mark Suson with the E911 project. “It will be sometime between Monday and Friday.”

Mapping is paid for by county constituents through fees on landline and cell phone bills. These fees go to the county and the 911 director and county itself pays for the mapping and dispatch, said Suson.

The field vehicle will be marked with red and white 911 Mapping magnetic signs. The field data collector will have a photo badge with his or her name, the SDR logo and the phone number and address of the SDR office in Lawrence, Kan.

The data collector will need the name of the primary adult resident, mailing address and landline phone number(s), if any. If no one is home when the data collector visits, they will leave a postage-paid return card in a clear plastic bag on the door. Residents should complete these cards and return them by mail.

The intent of the project in Velma is to create an accurate, GPS-based map of the city and to identify problems. The data collected, along with the created map will be provided to the town of Velma with recommended solutions. Council members will decide if any structures require new addresses and will notify residents of their new physical/911 address if a change is required.

“The main thing is (the project) allows dispatchers to see an exact location if using a landline,” Suson said.

After Velma is completed, SDR will begin mapping and data collection in the rural area around Velma that is served by Windstream Telephone Company.

That process will be the same.

Letters containing the new 911 address will be based on its location on a named or numbered road. Most county-maintained roads have been assigned numbers based on the Oklahoma State Grid. Private and subdivision roads will use their given names.

The new 911 address is valid for deliveries and as a permanent address and will eventually be used by the USPS for mail delivery. However, residents must wait until they receive an official letter in the mail from the USPS before using the new addresses for mail delivery. These letters will likely be sent six months to one year from official 911 address notification by SDR.

Velma town residents will use their existing city addresses as their 911 addresses unless they are notified by the town their address has changed to make it easier for emergency personnel to find their home. Only residents whose addresses are changing will by notified by the city.

People residing inside the town proper, who do not know their physical address should contact the Velma Town Hall.

If your address is not posted on your home, post it. Even a temporary sign will help the SDR field crew build a more accurate 911 map.

If you have questions about the Stephens County 911 project, contact Velma Town Hall at 580-444-3393 or Mark Suson, E911, at 580-475-6762.