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March 8, 2013

Wood-burning stove deemed cause of Rose Road fire

Derrick Miller
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MARLOW — It took several factors falling in line for the fire to spread through the house at the corner of Rose Road and Hillcrest.
Marlow Fire Chief Ryan Hall said the fire, which occurred Sunday night, was caused by a wood-burning stove. The door to the stove was left open. Hall said the southern door of the residence was also left open, which allowed wind to enter the house and blow kindling and paper out of the stove.
“There was a strong south wind that created a draft basically,” Hall said.
The Stephens County Sheriff’s Department and the State Fire Marshal’s Office led the investigation into the fire. The house was undergoing renovations, including the addition of a porch. Initially Hall thought the renovations might have played a role in the house fire.
The Marlow Fire Department responded to the blaze about 8:55 p.m. Sunday and remained at the scene until 3:30 a.m. Monday. The firefighters returned to the scene, which was still smoldering, several times throughout Monday.
The fire resulted in one man receiving burns to his hands and total loss of the structure. By Monday morning, all that remained of the house was the foundation and rubble.
Hall said the house was originally a trailer home before it developed into a larger residence. He said the fire revealed the trailer’s frame.
Marlow Fire Department received help from the Duncan and Rush Springs fire departments. The additional help aided with getting the fire under control and fighting related grass fires.
One grass fire started when a spot fire jumped 200 yards. While firefighters were battling the house fire, one concern was a propane tank in front of the house and near the street. Although the fire did cross Rose Road, flames did not contact the tank.