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May 15, 2013

Girls’ golf team gets $7,215 gift

Rebeka Miller
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DUNCAN — Duncan Public Schools opened its regular Board of Education meeting with recognition of the success of three spring sports groups, including a donation to one of them from the community.

Duncan Women’s Golf Club gifted the Duncan High School girl’s golf team with a check for $7,215 during the meeting Tuesday evening. Steve Ethridge, girl’s golf coach, mentioned the possible ways the team would use the funds including golf bags, replacing aging cold-weather gear, shirts, shorts, shoes, golf balls, lodging and meals.

“We appreciate the generosity of your donation,” Ethridge said of his team who took home the state runner-up title this year. “These girls put forth a lot of effort and when the community recognizes that, it’s very appreciated.”

Members of the club Glenna Lasater, Beth Liles and Gwen Beyl presented the donation and said it was something they and other members had thought a long time about.

“It goes way back and everyone contributed,” said Lasater. “I remember when I was a teacher how hard it was to find all the money you needed.”

DHS girl’s tennis was recognized for winning the state championship title and DHS boy’s baseball was shown recognition for winning the state academic title.

Board members also approved several changes in employment throughout the school system during the meeting. Total years of service for all resigning employees came to 214 years and seven months. This included longtime employees Glenda Cobb, assistant superintendent, with 41 years and Karen Berniger, DHS teacher, with 35 years.

“We have some amazing employees on here, a lot of good people who have done a good job for Duncan schools,” said Sherry Labyer, superintendent. “That’s a lot of years walking out the doors and we wish them well.”

Several other employees were approved for hire, rehire or change in position. Dewey Ivey was approved as Duncan Middle School principal and Justin Smith was approved as DHS principal.

Other agenda items included: