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May 14, 2013

Duncan teachers host free book fair

Derrick Miller
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For Christmas, Woodrow Wilson Elementary led a district-wide book drive, and on Saturday, several Duncan teachers gave the books away.
The teachers, mostly from Woodrow Wilson, led a free book fair Saturday in the Stockman’s parking lot. And the group experienced its best reaction ever.
“It’s better than we thought it would be,” Cindy Bradbury, Duncan Middle School teacher, said.
This was the fourth time for the book fair, which has previously been done at apartment complexes. This year, the teachers were hoping to get books to more children who need them. Until this school year, Bradbury was a teacher at Woodrow Wilson.
About 50 boxes of books were collected through a book drive, which placed book drops at each of the Duncan schools. The subsequent free book fair had books for all ages, ranging from early readers to young adults.
The teachers said this year’s book collection was the result of a lot of generosity. And like with previous years, this year’s book fair supplied a lot of families with books.
“Every year, we get rid of almost every book,” Barbara Gee, Woodrow Wilson librarian, said.
Each of the faculty members were excited to see people stopping by the book fair in droves. At one point, the crowd filled the parking lot where the book fair was taking place.
Brandi Stevens took her three children to the book fair.
Although two of her children are too young to read, her daughter, Ava, enjoys reading. That’s part of what Stevens took her children to the book fair.
“She goes through books like crazy,” Stevens said. “She’s 7, and she reads at a third-grade level.”
By attending the free book fair, Stevens was able to supply her daughter with plenty of books to keep her busy. And the lack of cost didn’t hurt, she said.
“Books are so expensive,” Stevens said.