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May 14, 2013

Commissioners seek bids for E911 mapping

Derrick Miller
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Stephens County will be going out for bids to find a company to complete the county E911 mapping.
During Monday’s regular meeting, the Board of Stephens County Commissioners entered into a 20-minute executive session to talk with District Attorney Jason Hicks and county E911 Director Mark Suson to determine what action should be taken in relation to E911 mapping for the county. The county did have a contract with Visual Lease Services Inc. for the mapping project, but the commissioners and Suson were unsatisfied by the product.
“I move we hire another mapping company because Visual Lease did not complete it,” Lonnie Estes, District 2 commissioner, said.
Visual Lease began the mapping project in June 2011, but by November 2012, the county was already looking for other alternatives to get the mapping done. During the Nov. 19, 2012 meeting, the commissioners hired Spatial Data Research to move the mapping process along.
Because of the action taking during Monday’s regular meeting, the county will be going out for bids to find a company to complete the county E911 mapping.
While the mapping project did require an executive session, it wasn’t the only item discussed in detail by the commissioners.
The board approved seeking bids for a new air conditioner system for the Stephens County Courthouse.
About three weeks ago, the air conditioner system began experiencing problems, leading to the commissioners to call an emergency meeting to get the system back up and running. Stephens County Emergency Management Director Gary Ball said it could take up to four weeks to get a new system installed after the bids are opened, which would leave the installation about two months from now.
Ball said the goal is to get the compressors running until the system can be replaced, although it’s uncertain whether those compressors will be able to hold out until the replacement can be put in place.
Dee Bowen, District 3 commissioner and board chairman, said the commissioners can call an emergency meeting if the compressors do shut down.
“We need to quit dumping money into these things and replace the whole thing,” Bowen said.
He did express some irritation about the malfunctioning system.
“It’s supposed to last more than seven years,” Bowen said. “We are just now in our seventh year. But to cool this big building, they do have to work extra hard.”