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May 24, 2013

DPS administrators discuss inclement weather procedures

DUNCAN — On Thursday, Duncan school administrators participated in a district-wide de-briefing to discuss how Monday’s reaction to a tornado threat went at each school. Superintendent Sherry Labyer said the response was overwhelmingly positive.

Labyer said the school district will look to improve its procedures.

Out of the discussion arose how to identify shelters when a school does not have a safe room. She said this would include finding smaller, interior rooms without windows.

“We talked a lot about procedures,” Labyer said. “We want someone manning the doors with a clipboard. When a parent comes to check out a child, we’ll bring the child to parent. This will help facilitate the location of the child.”

Labyer said Central Office would continue to be the hub of all activity during any similar situations, like it was done Monday. She said the discussion did get specific, especially when looking at each building.

Labyer said there would also be a plan to invite parents to stay if the storm was imminent.

Another thing that might change for some schools is the inclusion of printer rosters. She said some schools have printed rosters, but a few didn’t. Labyer said the school district does rely heavily on the computers, but the printed rosters would help, especially when there is no electricity.

Each printed roster would be put in the emergency backpack in each classroom and would be updated every time there is an addition of a student.

But with the unusual situation Monday, she believes things fell in place because everyone did his or her part.

She said the aid of Duncan Police Department also was helpful.

“Law enforcement was so wonderful. (Police Chief) Danny Ford kept me updated. That was invaluable.”

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