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June 18, 2013

Hastings to close Duncan store

Employees learn Tuesday morning rumors are true

Rebeka Miller
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DUNCAN — Corporate officials with Hasting’s Entertainment informed its employees early today at the Duncan Hastings Entertainment store that their store will be closing Aug. 9.

This news came during a mandatory store meeting, where two corporate representatives, district and store managers, were present to make the announcement, confirmed a store employee.

“It was like pulling off a Band-Aid, how quickly they did it,” the employee said, asking that their identity not be revealed.

Hastings will also be closing six other stores corporate-wide this year to make up for losses seen in sales. For the Duncan community, this means that after Aug. 9, they will have to drive to Lawton for the comprehensive retail the store offers in books, movies, games and music. Hastings provided a full book and music outlet and wide variety of magazine publications.

Locally, there is one other video rental store available, Family Video. There are no other retail stores in Duncan that offer video rentals.

Additionally, the 20 or so employees, five or six who are full-time, at the Duncan store will be losing this source of income.

“There are several employees who have been there for multiple years and most everyone were happy in their job,” said the employee. “Most depend on the money they receive from the job.”

Though the rumor mill had been running rampant for weeks about the possible closing, the employee said when it was confirmed, everything became real and dealing with that news was tough.

Employees staying on until the Aug. 9 closing date will receive a severance package. Closing sales have already begun at the Duncan location, where all sales are final and no more buy-backs will be taken.

Hastings Entertainment was founded in 1968. It is not known when the Duncan store opened, though it’s believed to have been about 16 years. The corporation has 136 superstores according to its website.

News editor Toni Hopper contributed to this story.