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March 1, 2013

Bosworth’s movie promo tour begins in Duncan

Sean Gorman
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DUNCAN — To most, he was known as “The Boz,” the high-flying, mohawk wearing, controversial linebacker who was forever entrenched in Oklahoma football lore when he helped bring the Sooners a national title in 1986.

Twenty-seven years later, Brian Bosworth will be returning to the state he holds most dear to him as he promotes his newest film, “Revelation Road: The beginning of the End.” 
Bosworth’s next stop? Duncan, Oklahoma.
The former college football star will be in town Saturday to promote the movie at the Palace Theatre, where the doors will open at noon.
“I want to go back and celebrate and share this moment with the people of Oklahoma,” Bosworth said. “Any time I’ve fallen, Oklahoma always seems to forgive me quickly because they know where my heart is.”
The Sooner legend, who grew up in Meeker, will be touring across the state to premiere the film all the way through Easter.
Plans for Bosworth to star in the film began with a call from his agent. With his marriage not far away, Bosworth was initially heistant to read the script but was talked into to give it a chance. After reading it over, Bosworth felt too connected to the character he would play to not accept the role.
“I took a deep breath and finally felt like here was a character where I could finally express myself,” Bosworth said. “The message I took from this film was, no matter what you have done in your life, there’s a moment where you realize you’re in control and can decide to do things for your day of redemption.”
An action and faith-based drama, “Revelation Road” follows a man named Josh McManus who must decide where he stands spiritually after a string of chaotic events leave many wondering if they’re experiencing the rapture.
Bosworth’s character Hawg leads a groups of bikers known as the Barbarians, who try to gain revenge from what they believe are the wrongdoings done by God. Starring in films is nothing new for the Oklahoma native, who has been in feature films like Stone Cold, One Man’s Justice and The Longest Yard. 
Bosworth’s connection to the town comes through his friend, Duncan native Tony Newsom. The pair met at a Sooner game, exchanged information and have stayed in touch. When Bosworth began making calls to arrange appearances all across the state, he knew he could count on Tony to set up a showing in Duncan.
“This has all gotten to this point because of Tony’s help,” Bosworth said. “We’ve known each other a long time. One year I wanted to watch the Sooners game but it was all the way in West Virginia, so Tony took me in and we watched the game together in Duncan.”
A resident of California since 1990, Bosworth said he plans to live in the Sooner state once again very soon.
“Oklahoma is still my home,” Bosworth said. “I’ve been trying to move back here for a long time. It always feels good to go back to your roots.”
When it comes to the personality most knew him by, Bosworth never truly saw himself as “The Boz.”
“I was gigantically misunderstood,” Bosworth said. 
“Going on shows like Letterman, that’s not me. I’ve always been the small town kid from Oklahoma and those are the kind of people I identify with.”
Showings of the movie will begin at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m., with an admission of $3.00. 
Bosworth will be available at noon to begin autographing DVD’s and posters that will be available for purchase.