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June 20, 2013

Water-restricted diet applies to city

Derrick Miller
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DUNCAN — When it comes to Fuqua Pool and the splash pad at Hillcrest Park, the City of Duncan is abiding by its own outside water restrictions.

Public Works Director Scott Vaughn said the Second Phase of the water rationing ordinance refers to outside water use for recreational purposes, including pools. Water can only be used to fill swimming pools, including Fuqua Pool, between the hours of midnight and 9 a.m. and on certain days depending on the street address (Monday, Wednesday and Friday for even number addresses, and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for odd number addresses).

“In my opinion, the City of Duncan, as an organization, is bound to follow city ordinances,” Vaughn said. “If the speed limit is 25, I have to go 25.”

This means Fuqua Pool can only be filled between midnight and 9 a.m. on its specified days. Vaughn said this doesn’t reduce the times when people can go swimming.

As far as the splash pad goes, water is added to it, but the splash pad also recycles water to reduce the amount of waste. Because the splash pad does include contact with people, it does lose some of its water volume on each use.

“It is designed to recycle the water,” Vaughn said. “That’s the intended purpose.”

Water use is restricted for outdoor purposes including watering lawns, plants and flower beds, washing vehicles, hosing down sidewalks and streets, and filling swimming pools and other recreational uses. There are some exceptions including water usage for nurseries, commercial car washes and lawns treated by a nursery.

He said the water uses for Fuqua Pool and the splash pad are just some ways the City of Duncan are sticking to the water rationing ordinance. Vaughn said City Manager Jim Frieda has spoken with various city departments to ensure they work with the ordinance.

The Duncan Fire Department has been told to follow the water rationing ordinance when washing its vehicles, Vaughn.

“We have a sprinkler system at the northwest tower,” Vaughn said. “It has been set to comply with city ordinances.”