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May 22, 2013

Will Rogers graduates pre-k students

Derrick Miller
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DUNCAN — Duncan High School’s graduation may be Friday, but the high schoolers won’t be the first group of students to graduate this year in Duncan.

On Monday, the Will Rogers Pre-Kindergarten students celebrated their promotion to kindergarten with a graduation program and in-class celebrations.

For the program, the school’s gym filled quickly with families and friends, as the students took to risers. Barbara Fleetwood, Will Rogers financial clerk, said families and parents began arriving for the 1 p.m. program at 11:30 a.m. to ensure they got the best spot in the gym and were able to park closer to the building.

The school has 125 pre-kindergarten children, and many of the children had three to four adults there to celebrate the day with them.

“At this age, they all want to be there for everything,” Koree Wilkerson, pre-kindergarten assistant principal, said.

The number of parents and various family members was reflected by the number of cars lined up and down 13th Street.

For the program, the pre-k students sang songs that demonstrated how much they had learned during the school year. One song showed how the students could count to 20, while another song displayed how well they knew their alphabet.

After the students performed for their families, they went back to their classrooms, where their teachers passed out certificates showing they graduated pre-kindergarten. They also had individual celebrations in their classes, following the program in the gym.